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Nintendo Revolution specs revealed

December 7, 2005 1 comment

IGN: “Revolution is not being positioned as a competitor to either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Nintendo has instead chosen to design a console that will be very affordable for consumers.”

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Do you get podcasting?

December 7, 2005 2 comments

Kevin Briody: “I have been down on podcasting for a long while now, with my basic reasoning being – who has time? I barely have time to scan my RSS headlines, much less sit through a 60 minute ‘cast on a single subject. I think I found the key though – travel.”

To add to Kevin’s point, I think that podcasting is yet another form of timeshifting. If you “get” the VCR, TiVo or related technologies, then by definition you “get” podcasting.

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New programming on Channel 9

December 7, 2005 Leave a comment

I’m a bit late to this, but it looks like Channel 9 has new programming. This is interesting, since content on sites like MSDN and TechNet has never been as a big of a hit as I would have expected. Maybe things will be different at Channel 9.

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