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Don’t pitch me if you can’t deliver

March 22, 2006 2 comments

No, this isn’t another Scoble-type rant on being pitched. I’m not overwhelmed like Robert has been and as he and I discussed earlier today, I don’t mind being pitched if it is done in the right way (a blind e-mail with no blog or conversation isn’t the right way). I’m certainly not on the A-list, so I was actually surprised (pleasantly) to be pitched for a new product. But here’s the problem. I went to the site and found that there is no product or service. It isn’t up and running and there is nothing to look at. Well, the site actually reads like this:

Server Status:

Server Up

But there’s nothing to try- I was definitely disappointed. So my advice to those who want to pitch is this. If you want to pitch me, please make sure you have something up and working. Thank you.

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Windows Vista release

Mini-Microsoft: “Slip!”

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