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Digging into Rails

The popularity of Rails keeps growing and I keep telling myself that I should look into Rails a bit more this year. Last year it was brand new, still a bit of a fad, and not much momentum. Now I see continued strength from Rails and a growing community. While I haven’t seen Rails used to develop a mainstream product yet, I don’t think that’s too far away. I see that Rails is also taking a prominent role at this year’s OSCON.

Today, I ran across this post on 19 Rails Tricks Most Rails Coders Don’t Know. Some of what I saw in that post seemed like pretty basic programming “best practices” but there were a few interesting tidbits. What I’d like to find is a series of Rails tricks and tutorials that could help me to ramp up over a short period. I’ve found a lot of resources, but I’m certainly open to any suggestions. If you have any resources to suggest please send me mail or leave some suggestions in the comments. I’m also open to any books that are rich in practical examples- I’ll use the web if I need to focus primarily on syntax. If I get a good list of suggestions, I’ll compile then into a post/article to share out later in the week.

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