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“see here”- Fake Steve Jobs has been “bradstoned”

Fake Steve Jobs has been outed. But he might prefer the term “bradstoned” in honor of the NY Times blogger Brad Stone that posted his “trial” of FSJ in a recent blog entry. FSJ’s true identity is Daniel Lyons of Forbes. A key exhibit in the molehill of evidence presented by Stone- both FSJ and Daniel Lyons use the phrases “see here” and “fair enough”- often. Quite compelling.

I wonder if FSJ is going to be interesting as a featured blog on the Forbes web site? I’m thinking that it probably won’t be. Now that Lyons has been outed, the writing will become tame and the commenters will start to migrate to new areas of interest. It has already been pointed out that Lyons has taken liberties through FSJ with the open source community and the thoughts of Steve Ballmer.

So what now? More “me too” fake CEO blogs will continue to pop up, but this moment in time has passed and our interest in Fake Steve will be replaced by the next meme. As a friend posted on twitter earlier today, let’s hope that Mini-Microsoft isn’t next. In the future, let’s support anonymity for our favorite satirists, critics and whistleblowers on the web. Once their cover is blown, with it goes the thought provoking content that we’ve enjoyed so much.

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  1. stan
    August 15, 2007 at 2:27 pm

    Randy, I read your articles on SQLCLR vs T-SQL and wondered if SQLCLR also needs to be the choice when your proc needs to contact an external endpoint like wcf etc, in spite of the fact that your app is very data access oriented ? Or is there a way to contact a wcf endpoint etc from T-SQL?

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