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When does FriendFeed replace your blog?

While posting some links today between Twitter, and creating a few short entries on my blog today, it occurred to me that I’ve been using FriendFeed the wrong way. The short snippets, comments and links aggregated from various services that I use or posted directly to FriendFeed could directly replace my blog. In fact, when I look at my blog, 90% of what I post is really for my personal reference. Things that I found interesting and want to get back to. Others may find it interesting too, but that’s not really what I’m going for. So the only compelling feature that FriendFeed lacks that my blog has is the ability to post long articles and to organize those in the context of my web site so that they are navigable outside of the “blog stream”. But, if I were to use another online document editor, Wiki or simple CMS that provided feeds I could add that to FriendFeed too. Hrmmm. :)

Ray Ozzie on Live Mesh

Channel 9: “Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect sits down with Jon Udell to talk about Live Mesh, a new technology and platform that enables synchronization and storage “to the cloud.” You’ll hear about the history of Live Mesh, how it has been influenced by Ray’s previous work on products like Groove and Lotus Notes. Ray also discusses the core technology that forms the basis for Live Mesh including REST APIs, XML, and synchronization APIs that enable you sync your Mesh across multiple devices.”

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FAST now part of Microsoft

The news came out this week that the FAST acquisition is complete and that we will continue to support the FAST technologies on Linux and UNIX, as a separate product from SharePoint, for the forseeable future. This also means that for the near term If you’re a customer using SharePoint and you’re interested in FAST you should talk to your Microsoft team or any Microsoft partners you work with regularly to get the FAST team engaged. I expect to see more guidance on integration and SharePoint/FAST deployments in the near future.

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“Controversy was… not a byproduct of the strategy- it was the strategy”

Jonathan Schwartz has pioneered executive blogging and has done a great job of keeping Sun visible and relevant during a radical transition in many of their businesses. Credit should be given where credit is due. If McNealy were still at the helm no one would be talking about Sun anymore.

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