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The “news is in the noise”

Robert Scoble: “I like the noise. Why? Because I can see patterns before anyone else. I saw the Chinese earthquake happening 45 minutes before Google News reported it. Why? Because I was watching the noise, not the news.”

This is one of Scoble’s best posts since he left Microsoft. Robert is a student of journalism and trends in the media. What he is describing is the process by which news will be reported in the future. As the “blogosphere” has talked about the death of establishment/traditional media with the rise of the Internet, blogs and podcasts, many have overlooked a very important point. The establishment media will be able to keep up and stay relevant if they are able to put the right tools and people in place to sift through all of the “noise” and find new stories, spot trends, and explain to the masses.

The masses may never be on Twitter. Even if they were many important news stories will pop up in new and interesting places. The people that can find those new places, sift through the noise and find the things that are interesting to the masses will always have an important role to play in delivering the news.

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